Our Store Hours:

Sunday: 11am - 7pm
Mon-Sat: 10am - 9pm

Delivery Hours:

Mon-Thu: 11am-1pm & 5-9pm
Fri - Sun: 11am-Close

Our History:

Subs-N-Such was opened in 1980 by Les Swenson and his wife Sharon, students at Kansas State University. They opened the business to help pay for their college expenses, and to allow them to pay in-state tuition versus the more expensive out-of-state. Starting out with domestic equipment such as a home refrigerator, a small deep freeze, and a meat slicer, the sub shop had a small and homey atmosphere that sold only about 10-15 sandwiches per day.

In 1987, upon graduation for the Swenson’s, they sold the business to Frank and Arliss Douglass. To own his own business was something Frank had dreamed of during all his years working for IBM. He traveled from city to city repairing IBM machines and his favorite lunch was always submarine sandwiches. When IBM offered Frank early retirement, he took it, and he and Arliss were at a loss as to what to do next. The last of their 5 kids was about to graduate from high school and leave them as empty nesters and they needed something to do. When Les mentioned that he and Sharon were graduating and going to close up the sup shop, Frank talked Arliss into buying it.

Arliss volunteered at the sub shop for a few months to learn the ropes and see if it was something that the couple would like (and also do well at!). She talked many times about the challenges they faced while trying to expand the business. When the Douglass' took over there was no cash register and no oven. How do you run a business with no cash register? A sandwich shop with no place to bake fresh bread?

The couple took on these challenges and began to upgrade and expand the operation. By 1990, they had a cash register, a proofer and oven, a second location, and had begun delivery services. The second location was 1443 Anderson Avenue and was quite large compared to the original location at 211 S. Seth Child. It was in 1990 when they began delivering subs all over the Manhattan area that they needed to hire a few more employees. One of the people they hired was Paula Kelly (who was referred by her good friend Kim!). But in 1991 they took a step back and closed the second location. Now Frank and Arliss were back to working out of the location on Seth Child, which was small but at least the overhead was small as well.

In 1992, a couple of big things happened. Paula graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management and Frank had a heart attack. His health forced Frank and Arliss to take more time off as he followed doctor’s orders. All the employees pitched in and took over for Frank and Arliss, all the time wondering if the couple would shut down the sub shop.

One evening, in early November, Paula told Frank that he ought to sell the shop and take care of his health. Frank’s response? “Why, you want to buy the place?” A young and naive Paula said, “Sure, how much you want?”, and left to take a delivery. She was extremely surprised upon returning from the delivery to find the shop dark and looking closed up for the night. Walking in, Frank told her to lock the door behind her and told her that he and Arliss had talked and had a proposition for her. They were ready to sell and they would sell it to her if she wanted.

Paula talked to her fiancé, Darrin Frey, who was finishing up his degree at KSU. She talked to her parents. She talked to a lawyer, a banker, some former professors, and the rest of the employees. And though the consensus was that it was a crazy idea, and a small restaurant is hard to keep profitable, she talked Darrin into taking the challenge, and on December 1, 1992, they became owners of the little sub shop.

Frank and Arliss stayed on to help for a few months. Darrin kept his job as a delivery driver at Hardee’s and finished his last semester of classes. Soon after his graduation, Darrin and Paula were married and it was decided that the restaurant was doing well enough he could look at Hardee’s in his rear view mirror and they could work together at the family business permanently.

In 2000, the building on Seth Child’s was sold and we moved into our present location, 1800 Claflin #170. We’re in Wildcat Landing, at the corner of Claflin and Denison. Students walking by on their way to class, football fans walking by on their way to a game, all the faculty on campus that can trot across the street for a sub have all helped to make the latest location a wonderful change for us.

On December 2, 2012 we celebrated 20 years of owning a business together (and we still like each other!). If you come in today, there’s no telling what you’ll find. You could see any number of family members in here to help us on a busy day (our parents and siblings get the pleasure most often, but cousins, aunts, and grandma’s might be working as well). You might see our 16 year old at the front table working on her dreaded chemistry or algebra assignment (and I’m no help with those so if that’s your specialty, feel free to help her!). Or you might walk in and get to witness one of the days when we aren’t liking each other so much, and if that’s the case you may get asked to help settle a dispute. In any of the above cases, our hope is that it makes you feel like you’re walking into a family. Not just a family owned business, but a real family. Because that’s what so many of our customers are – Our chosen family.